Amanda Bollinger

For State Board of Education, District 9

Together, let's build a future where every student thrives. I humbly ask for your vote to support this mission, advancing what's truly best for our kids.
My Mission

Elevate Education in Utah

I am running for the State School Board to elevate education in Utah by leveraging my 23 years of experience as an educator and current educational leader, along with my perspective as a dedicated mother. 
Amanda Bollinger For

State Board of Education, District 9

Rooted in both practical expertise and formal education, my goal is to foster collaborative and supportive school environments that guarantee quality education for all students.
Key Issues

Let's Build a Future where every student thrives

As a parent myself, I recognize and share your concerns. My commitment is to address these concerns head-on, ensuring that the well-being and educational needs of our children remain at the forefront. Together, let's build a future where every student thrives. I humbly ask for your vote to support this mission, advancing what's truly best for our kids.

What I Believe

Student Learning

EVERY child can learn and should be provided opportunities to be successful.


Parents are vital participants in the education of their children and in the public education system.


Supporting and retaining educators should be a priority of each school and district.


Public education should be fully funded to cover growth, inflation, and resources needed to support and retain teachers.


Policymakers should carefully examine policies and seek ways to support schools.


Students should have a sense of safety and security in school, enabling them to concentrate on their education.


Students should understand what they are learning, the purpose behind it, and monitor their progress in the learning process.


It is time to focus on fostering the development of students' skills.


“I have had the privilege of working with Amanda on multiple projects in Jordan District. She is a highly-skilled problem solver who is principled in her solutions. Amanda is not afraid to tackle difficult issues head-on, working to find doable solutions for all parties involved. She is an excellent leader with many years of experience working with students, teachers, parents, administrators, and staff. Amanda understands education, and I believe she is the experienced, principled leader we need representing our area on the Utah State Board of Education.“
Dawn Ramsey, 

Mayor of South Jordan
Amanda is an excellent leader who cares deeply about our kids and their education. She is smart, hardworking and a problem-solver. She listens to parents, teachers and community members and collaborates with all stakeholders. I am confident she will make decisions based on what is best for the students. She has knowledge and experience that will make her a great member of the State School Board.
Tracy Miller, Jordan Board of Education
“Amanda and I have been close friends for over 12 years. We were soccer moms together and I saw her firsthand run the team and the money so efficiently. Only later did we find out we were both educators and we shared many of the same ideas and beliefs. No one will be a better champion for kids AND teachers than her!”
- Leesa Leonard
“As I think about the educators that most influenced my children, I would put Amanda Black Bollinger on top!!!
When Whitney was in Elementary School at Butterfield Canyon Elementary School Amanda was her principal.
I worked with Amanda on several initiatives including getting assistant Principals in our elementary schools. She was influential in launching one on one technology and assisting in expanding our Mental Wellness services.
Most importantly it was educational outcomes increase that impressed me the most. During the time Amanda was Whitney’s principal, Whitney learned how to love learning.
Amanda is currently running for the state school board.
I will be endorsing her and giving her campaign my total support because we need a VOICE that actually knows education on the State School Board.
Her skills in Teaching and Learning and Special Education is so needed at the state level.
Please join with me in supporting the campaign of Amanda Bollinger for State School Board.”
Darrell Robinson, Jordan District Board of Education
“Amanda is a true visionary. She approaches things by examining all sides and makes decisions that are ultimately what is best for kids.” 
- Amy Kinder

“Amanda represents our values in education.” 
- Rachael Coleman

“Dr. Bollinger is a champion for our teachers and students. Those that have worked with her have the upmost respect for her as a person and educator. Her support for education is what will help all students thrive! Utah Parents for Teachers happily endorses Dr. Amanda Bollinger for State School Board.” 

- Terra Cooper, Founder - Utah Parents for Teachers

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